Saturday, November 27, 2010

Now they are gift card holders and ornaments...

Sometimes you start out thinking you're creating one thing, but then another idea comes along.  These are my little house ornaments that double as gift card holders, but they were supposed to be part of an Advent calendar.
The snowmen houses.  
Well, back in July I had some great ideas for Advent calendars.  I kept telling myself I would make at least three to list in my shop.  It didn't happen.  I made 20 of these cute houses and I couldn't quite make myself finish the job.  So, I decided to list them in my shop as gift card holders.  Maybe next year I'll start working on the holiday items in July.  Maybe...
It would have been a really cute Advent calendar.
But now, they are gift card holders/ornaments.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trimming a Tree With Handmade Acorns

Whew!  I finally got some sets of holiday acorns made.  The little hats my family and I collected during our hikes were sitting in a dish just begging to become ornaments.  So, here, is what they became.
cute little acorns for your tree
I still want to try to make some sort of garland with the fabric acorns... we'll see.  For me, it's delightful to use something from nature to create art.  
acorn ornaments just for fun