Friday, October 4, 2013

Ok, it's October already..

Hmm... I wonder why the 100 Proof Press newsletter is going out late this month... I'll tell you why.  I set that calendar goal - have one calendar page to show in the newsletter each month.  And let's just say September ended with some craziness.  But here's to a great October!  My daughter has been drawn to Frida Kahlo's art work and life for a few years now - so I think we are going to attempt to celebrate the Day of the Dead this year.  So I'm using that holiday (and a sweet new stamp we make) as the inspiration for the month of November.  Here's my November calendar page - very collage like and scrappy.
I suppose now I have to snap into action and write that newsletter.  Oh, and collect some books about the Day of the Dead- seeing as how I don't really  know how it's celebrated...
(I created the background with 3 colors of blue aquarelles, and thenI used the sketch for the background, some star clusters, Beauty & Love stamp (on twill tape THAT WOULD NOT LAY FLAT!) and the new lady sugar skull.  The birds are cut outs from Retro Art Cafe.)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Nevermore... and MOO cards

So my personal challenge has been met for two months - I've been trying to create a calendar page per month, in time for the 100 Proof Press Newsletter.  So far so good.  This is the one I stamped up for October.  Classic Poe stuff. You have your handwriting background, that large raven again, "Nevermore."  and the new small Poe stamp.  I got a little crazy on the background, but I couldn't leave it plain.  And what?  it's already time for me to get busy on next month!
And here's some fun little MOO cards.  They are really quick and fun to make.  See how I used a little scrap from the October calendar page?  Perfect for the owls!  Hoot hooT.  P.S.  MOO card contest going on at 100 Proof Press until November 8th!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Raven Parade Pocket (aka altered art skirt)

My sister and I have been making and selling a lot of the new large raven stamp, and we decided we'd run home and get crafty with it.  She happened to have enough pink linen to make a simple skirt, and I made a pocket with the raven stamp, and in no time she was ready for the Pony Wagon Parade.  (The Pony Wagon Parade is the parade that celebrates the Pony Wagon Festival in our little Ohio town.)
The top stamp is the "Nevermore " stamp and the bottom is the large raven.  Both were stamped with Black StAzon.  I stitched around the crow and added some buttons...
So we watched for the little soccer players in the parade to pass as my sister and son  filled up the pocket up with candy.. SO MUCH CANDY!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blank Calendars For Stamping

Woo hoo!  FINALLY I got the 100 Proof Press calendars back from the printers.  I wanted to make a cool calendar cover for 2014 and a few cards with the new stamps so I headed to the craft room.  I could have gotten a lot more done if it didn't take me 20 minutes to find a paint brush!  Ok - truth be told, I looked for 20 minutes, couldn't find the paint brush so I just used my finger. I really love this new bikers going around stamp and I knew I wanted to use it on the cover, but I'm not quite sure about the rest of it.  But that's the end product from yesterday's craft session.
(Bikes Stamp, Screen Texture, Gears & Measurement Bar)
I also made the September page I was inspired by a card made by Dana Tatar with the little school girl. I like how the pencils look on the edge.  And nothing says back to school like an apple.  So, I'm excited to get the calendars shipped out and see how other artists stamp them up.  And yes, it IS back to school time.
(pencil stub, Jane, apple)

Monday, August 5, 2013

New Stamps!

I have only worked with 3 artists to create  new stamp images, and each time it has been so much fun.  I get the file ready for the plate to be made, get the plate, and get to pressing!  It' just so exciting to see how the images translate into stamps.  So this time around I worked with Rachel from Tree Talker.  Her images have made wonderful stamps!  Here are the first two cards ever made with the new images.
flowers for hair
I guess the photo isn't the best, but these images turn out amazingly clear and sharp.
Mama and Baby Raccoon
I just love these new images and I can't wait to see what other stampers create with them!  Also, you can visit Rachel's shop where all of her original drawings for the stamps are available.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Birthday from a teacup!

I finally got a card made for my friend.  Every time I ship this stamp out in an order I think of this friend of mine, and I always say, this year I'm going to make a card for her.  And this year, I finally did (granted it will be a little late).

stamps used dog in tea cup happy birthday and star
(and a mindy bubbly background)

For this card I used Staz ON jet black ink, and Memento Bahama Blue 

Monday, April 22, 2013

More Blog Hopping Fun! 100 Proof Press & Hydrangea Hippo....

(SPOILER ALERT - Ma, if you don't want to see your card for Mother's Day, you better not poke around on this post)

I'm really having fun getting back in my craft room.  When there's a blog hop to do, you have to craft it up!  So this is the 100 Proof Press and Hydrangea Hippo Hop - it's even fun to say, right?  You should have just been over at Irit's blog, and from here you will visit Holly (if you need a complete list of the hop you can find that here).  And 100 Proof Press and Hydrangea Hippo are both offering prizes, so  be sure you visit the sponsor's blogs as well.

We got a bag of goodies from Hydrangea Hippo- this place if full of paper kits, tutorials, and other fun paper crafting supplies (I had to get me some vintage ballerinas).  I embellished a burlap bag, a muslin bag, and made a card for the hop.

 here's a card for my mom, and a matching gift bag

(stamps used:  spring bouquet &  honeycomb
flower & lace are from HH)
(again the spring bouquet and honeycomb:  buttons,  lace, bag, and twine are from HH)

My creativity seems to flow more easily when I have someone in mind while I'm working on a project.  My sister just celebrated her birthday and I was able to incorporate my gift ideas with the hop!  She makes cards with a typewriter and just started selling them at craft shows, and I thought she could use a vendor's/crafter's apron, and the muslin gift bag turned out to be the perfect wrapping for her apron.
Happy Birthday Gift Bag with ATC sewn on

(again I used that honeycomb as a background, typewriter, & happy birthday stamp
the bag, ribbon, glitter, flower, leaves, and trim are from HH)
Here's the bag with the apron packaged and ready to go!
Custom Apron for my crafty little sister - although this photo doesn't show it, I did use a little bit of lace along the top seam from the Hydrangea Hippo Goodie Bag

Sew, thanks for stopping by my little lilly pad on the hop, and I hope you're enjoying the other stops as well.  Next stop is at Holly's blog.  And don't forget to leave a trail of you comments along the way.  Happy Hopping!

Friday, April 5, 2013

100 Proof Press and Genuinely Jane Studios Hopping Together...

 Hi there - if you are following along with the 100 Proof Press and GJS blog hop you are right in the middle of it!  Your last stop should have been at Irit's blog, and your next stop will be over to Emily's.  But for now you're here... I altered two books for this hop.  I wasn't quite sure what my themes were going to be until I got started.  Here's the gear book... it quickly turned into a book of gears and quotes from daVinci (yet the cover is Galileo).
GJS gear book, da Vinci hand, arch sketch background

old age, number set
gears and eyes
I didn't realize until I started writing this post how similar my books look, yet the sentiment and inspiration that I used to create them were totally different (guess the yellow paint was still on my table).  This the my house book.  The theme on this developed a little too late, so I didn't get to include all of my ideas.  The large number "460" is the street address from my grandparents' house, and I  started filling the book with thoughts and photos stemming from that place.  The cover has my grandfather's grade school pictures on it. The other "pages" I stamped up some quotes I like.

sprout stamp and film strip and  small hand pointing

sprout, number set
Thanks for stopping by.  I really enjoyed using the Genuinely Jane books, once I got started I didn't want to stop not even to let the paint dry!  Be sure to leave a comment here because one lucky visitor will win one of these stamps from 100 Proof Press...  Happy Hopping - Next stop is at  Emily's blog....  And if you need to start at the top of the blog visit the 100 Proof Press Blog.

comment to enter to win this stamp!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Blog Hop Friday April 5th with 100 Proof Press & Genuinely Jane Studios

Somehow I cyberly  bumped into a cool lady who also happens to own a crafty business.  And we decided our products work nicely together so we're putting on a blog hop.  The 100 Proof  Press design team (and myself) are going to team up with the gals at Genuinely Jane Studios.  I seriously love the GJS books - I even put a few up on the 100 Proof Press site.  These books just call out to be altered and stamped.  While they'll be some really lovely projects in the hop (we're talking lots of projects and ideas), I'm just going to share the cover of one of the albums I crafted up.  The birdie album with my favorite "The Way of Life" Stamp.  I've also been into using the "Large Corner Design" all over the place.
(don't forget the lil' owl queen!)
So if you're into altered art, visiting blogs full of great projects, and winning prizes, you should join us on Friday!  Hoot hoot!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bloom 100 Proof Press Stamp Challenge

I've been trying to hold a Facebook contest every other month for 100 Proof Press.  I'd like to think that slowly but surely I'll get more and more participants.  Right now the theme is "Bloom."  I made a quick card following the same idea as the last one.  I love the sprout stamp, and I think the green looks nice with the pink flowers.

I'm not so crazy about the "LOVE" there, but I feel like it was needed.  I again used the idea of taking photos as it progresses, so the second card  is the final card - I went back at outlined the heart a little bit.  And I think I like the final one better....  If you happen to stamp, and have some 100 Proof Press Stamps, you should stamp something blooming and share it on the Facebook page!  Have a happy day... SPRING is here tomorrow!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bird Party - WISH

I feel like sometimes when I'm working on something, it looks, OK but then the next thing you know I take it a step too far.  Like I'll have a collage arranged in a way I kind of like, but then I go and find something else, stick it on the project and well, kind of ruin it.  So I've devised a plan (we'll see how long I keep up with it) to  take a photograph at the different steps, that way at least I have a version I'm OK with to share.  I made a simple card  but, then couldn't decide if it needed a sentiment, or more color... so here's three versions of the card.  I actually think I like the end result best - that usually doesn't happen.  What do you think?
card with  verbena flower stamp and bird party stamp

card with verbena flower stamp, bird party stamp, and WISH stamp
card with verbena flower head, bird party stamp, WISH stamp, and me going around the heart with more ink
So we'll see. Yeah, the final product is the one that has grown on me.

Friday, February 1, 2013

You Will Be Mine.

Well, here we are, it's now February of 2013.  I had planned on sharing a few more posts in December, but I didn't, and then January,  but again I didn't. But I did stamp up a Valentine.  I love this woman with a whip stamp, and I feel like she can really make a statement - plus, you gotta love the commanding Valentine.  I used a lot of layers on this one, and I feel like the pink hearts are just too pink, and I see now I could have placed them in a more whipping fashion.  One of the layers I got from a mixed media kit and it's a page from a book, I'm pretty sure it's in German.  I did have more text showing, but since I don't know how to translate it I tried to  place it so there was less peeking out - I'd like to think it has something to do with being madly in love with someone.
But just in case a stamper is stopping by, I better let you know that over on the 100 Proof Press blog there is a Valentine challenge going on.  I hope I whip myself into shape and get back into the blogging world. . .