Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bloom 100 Proof Press Stamp Challenge

I've been trying to hold a Facebook contest every other month for 100 Proof Press.  I'd like to think that slowly but surely I'll get more and more participants.  Right now the theme is "Bloom."  I made a quick card following the same idea as the last one.  I love the sprout stamp, and I think the green looks nice with the pink flowers.

I'm not so crazy about the "LOVE" there, but I feel like it was needed.  I again used the idea of taking photos as it progresses, so the second card  is the final card - I went back at outlined the heart a little bit.  And I think I like the final one better....  If you happen to stamp, and have some 100 Proof Press Stamps, you should stamp something blooming and share it on the Facebook page!  Have a happy day... SPRING is here tomorrow!


Samantha Read said...

I love your card, and I have entered your Facebook contest, it's fab, there are some great entries so far this month!

Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

Hi Sam! Thanks for stopping by, and being my only non- SPAM comment in forever. I love love love your entries and I thank you. :)