Friday, October 4, 2013

Ok, it's October already..

Hmm... I wonder why the 100 Proof Press newsletter is going out late this month... I'll tell you why.  I set that calendar goal - have one calendar page to show in the newsletter each month.  And let's just say September ended with some craziness.  But here's to a great October!  My daughter has been drawn to Frida Kahlo's art work and life for a few years now - so I think we are going to attempt to celebrate the Day of the Dead this year.  So I'm using that holiday (and a sweet new stamp we make) as the inspiration for the month of November.  Here's my November calendar page - very collage like and scrappy.
I suppose now I have to snap into action and write that newsletter.  Oh, and collect some books about the Day of the Dead- seeing as how I don't really  know how it's celebrated...
(I created the background with 3 colors of blue aquarelles, and thenI used the sketch for the background, some star clusters, Beauty & Love stamp (on twill tape THAT WOULD NOT LAY FLAT!) and the new lady sugar skull.  The birds are cut outs from Retro Art Cafe.)