Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hand-Stamped Christmas Tags

So, I make the stamps (everyday), but I have very few art-stamping techniques.  Yeah, I've done some stitching on my cards, or  played around with the fabric stuff, but as far as all the fancy markers, gesso, and other  "real-artist" type stuff I am clueless. I just haven't really done enough experimenting.  My normal equation is: STAMP+INK PAD = A STAMPED PROJECT.  Well, awhile back I got a sample of gesso.  Let's just say I started gessoing everything on my craft table and quickly ran out.  It was fun, then I think it kind of turned it into a challenge of just how dirty can I get my hands.  The gesso made a perfect background to stamp snowflakes on.  I was a gessoing-snowflake stamping fool!  

It gave the manila tags a bit a texture and just an extra hint of - "Hey, I'm a stamp artist - look at me use gesso."  Then I cut up sayings from some fabric along with a doily of sorts that I think my great-grandma tatted or whatevered and sewed them layered along the bottom.  Making these tags actually inspired me to hold a little contest for 100 Proof Press.  I've even decided to send out three blank tags with the hopes customers will share their tags.  We'll see how it goes.
"for the love of art"
And check out this brand new Danita image.  I just love this stamp, and I think I'll actually make some tags for Christmas gifts this year.