Friday, January 28, 2011

A Fabric Heart Garland

While I was crusin' the web I found this wonderful tutorial for a fabric heart garland over on How About Orange.  As soon as I saw the garland I knew it was just the project for my red Valentine fabric, and naptime.  So I quick-like got some cute fabrics together, cut out some hearts, mixed some water with glue and made this festive decoration.
Cute lil' girlie heart.
This project was very statisfying: it's cute, 
simple, and a productive way to spend
nap time (right?).  I did not have
any fabric stiffener on hand so I mixed
glue and water, and it seemed to work fine.
I also think this project would be fun with
paper too.
Hearts on the table.

Me, *patiently* waiting for the hearts to dry.

My sister got me this fabric, so cute!

The hearts strung.  I think it would have been cute to string them together using baker's twine.  Alas, I had none.
I am still in shock that I actually made something with the red fabric, BEFORE February.  I might need to make more hearts. . . 

Friday, January 21, 2011

WINTER - A Fabric Art Book

I have kind of lost my time to create for now, but I wanted to share this fabric art book I made 5 years ago while I was pregnant and on bedrest , trying to pass the time.  I used one of my favorite 100 Proof Press rubber stamp images for the cover.  Little did I know five years later, I would be a mother of four, a sewing fool, and the owner of 100 Proof Press.  Life is busy.

Since I was not allowed to get up, my
lovely sisters fetched my supplies for me.
I included some Turkish worry beads and a watch face.
Seemed appropriate at the time.

The Beetles.  It was alright.

I used 3 buttons from a glove from my husband's grandmother's
wedding dress along with the words of Rumi.
This Winter we are not waiting around for a baby.
We are making the rubber stamps.

Wonder what I'll be doing five years from now . . .

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thinking of what to create with this Red Love fabric

This fabric caught my eye quite a few years ago when I was shopping with my Auntie.  It is just so sweet, I just haven't decided what I want to make with it.  I could fussy cut and make a cute Valentine's Day wall-hanging, put some of it in hoops (you know the crafty hoop craze that's going on), or there's always an owl.

What do do with this lovely fabric?
Or maybe I'll just come up with some new idea.  I really just want to make something with it THIS YEAR!  Ooo maybe a bunting!

Custom Valentine's Purses with a tiny card inside!
I got to make 6 sweet Valentine purses for a customer, I'm so happy to do custom orders!  I do have a some left in my shop too.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Valentine Owls

I'll owl-ways be yours, say you'll owl-ways be mine... so many fun Owlentine puns.  What's your favorite?
Hoot hoot!
My goal was to get 5 Valentine owls in my shop  by January 2nd, and I almost did it.  I tried to get away from the classic pink and red thing I usually do for Valentine's Day.  This guy is my favorite.  I have a few others in my shop right now, and I'm going to try to sew up a few more - if I have time!