Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hand-Stamped Christmas Tags

So, I make the stamps (everyday), but I have very few art-stamping techniques.  Yeah, I've done some stitching on my cards, or  played around with the fabric stuff, but as far as all the fancy markers, gesso, and other  "real-artist" type stuff I am clueless. I just haven't really done enough experimenting.  My normal equation is: STAMP+INK PAD = A STAMPED PROJECT.  Well, awhile back I got a sample of gesso.  Let's just say I started gessoing everything on my craft table and quickly ran out.  It was fun, then I think it kind of turned it into a challenge of just how dirty can I get my hands.  The gesso made a perfect background to stamp snowflakes on.  I was a gessoing-snowflake stamping fool!  

It gave the manila tags a bit a texture and just an extra hint of - "Hey, I'm a stamp artist - look at me use gesso."  Then I cut up sayings from some fabric along with a doily of sorts that I think my great-grandma tatted or whatevered and sewed them layered along the bottom.  Making these tags actually inspired me to hold a little contest for 100 Proof Press.  I've even decided to send out three blank tags with the hopes customers will share their tags.  We'll see how it goes.
"for the love of art"
And check out this brand new Danita image.  I just love this stamp, and I think I'll actually make some tags for Christmas gifts this year.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Mini-Guest Designer...

I've been waiting for some time for this - my kids are old enough to sew.  My very first owl I made was designed while sitting and drawing with my daughter, how many years ago.  She loves to draw and has now taken her  pencil and paper designs to the sewing machine.  And upon finishing she said "I didn't know sewing was so easy!"

This was the first one she made.  She named it "Peanut" do to it looking more like a peanut than an owl.
Then she was anxious to work up another design. So she made two more owls, that looked less like peanuts.  It was all a very fun thing for me to watch unravel.


Hoot Hoot!

Then I got back into some owl-making myself.  I made up a new pattern.  I've been told they look evil and disgruntled, but I made them with love.  They have uplifting sentiments on them, and they are a lot of fun to make - truly one of a kind.
The one of the left is mine, and will keep me company in the craft room.
But I have made other for the owl/artists that are out there, and they are in my Etsy shop now.

I also made a fresh batch of old style owls too.  Even two new tree toppers!  I guess my daughter gave me the sewing bug.  I also did a bit of stamping too... that will be the next post.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Sharp Owl.. Only Bigger

Wow!  Thanks everyone for all the comments on my last post.  I really did have a lot of fun with the Faber-Castell products, and I ordered a few more colors.  And the little page from my Art Journal turned into something bigger - and I think much better.  I finally enlarged one of my favorite stamps.  The Sharp Owl - and then I created a journal for my daughter.  An idea book of sorts, you know all the great things an 8 year old can think of.
Sharp Owl Idea Book

The background was a lot of fun to make.  Just color up the paper with the aquarelles and then paint over it with water.  I never would have choose this color palette, but I think the owl looks great with it.  But I'm going to try again when I get my blues and greens!  And the gellatos add texture and depth.  So artistic!  Ha ha!

More owly stuff coming up.  I have an order for two Christmas ornaments, and a surprise project by a guest designer...  hoot hoot!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Hop with 100 Proof Press & Faber-Castell

This week we're having a blog hop.  100 Proof Press Rubber StampsFaber-Castell have joined forces and are having a 13 artist blog hop!  You should have just been visiting Mou Saha  and all of her beautiful work.

I got my Faber Castell gelatos (yum yum) and watercolor pencils and let's just say I want more... in EVERY color.  Since I had very Autumnish colors I thought I might pull out the turkey stamps.
The aquarelle pencils were fun to use, I kind of felt like a real artist.   I used three shades to create the background on both of the Thanksgiving Day cards.  I used the big stamp pen for the wishbone stamp, and I even did some shading with gelatos.  My hands got messy, and it was fun!
turkey king rubber stamp - Plymouth letter (background stamp)  WISHBONE -  now available 

hot turkey on a platter & wishbone
I also played around with some more of the gelatos in my art journal.  I used a template for the circle background, and was able to coat a gear chipboard with them.
the fortune says "find release from your cares - have a good time"

Thanks for stopping by.  Next up is Amy, she's sure to have something super cute to share.  To find the complete list of the blog hop click here. Both 100 Proof Press & Faber-Castell are awarding prizes, so you might want to check it out!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Gauche Alchemy - mixed media kit & 100 Proof Press Rubber Stamps

 Awhile back I got a really cool box in the mail that got my creative juices going.  It was packaged just so, once you opened the decorated box, there was a piece of lace tied around a carefully packaged collection of goodies and the suspense of what was inside was killing me!  What was in it you ask?  Sooooo many different crafty items that would be perfect for a mixed media artist, someone who art journals, a scrapbooker, card maker, and let's be realistic someone who likes to hoard their really special supplies.  This Gauche Alchemy mixed media kit triggered several different ideas.  I had taken a step back from art dolls, and I want to get back into creating one of a kind items - like art dolls.  They did not turn out quite how I envisioned them, but they are unique and one of a kind.  I think I am going to turn them into ornaments.  

The Gauche Owl Sisters
head - 100 Proof Press "owl face" stamp
wings - a street map of Pairs (GA mixed media kit)
butterfly, scarf, dresses, feathers - (GA mixed media kit)
legs - you know it, sticks from my yard

(word balloon stamp - 100 Proof Press)
This mixed-media kit lead me to create something else with a completely different style.  (I don't really know what style those owls would be categorized in) But here's a cute card I made using this neato canvas paper - that had adhesive on the back.  This idea of sticky paper blew my mind - I'm not kidding, I got way too excited about this adorable, sticky forest paper.

(see what I did there?  I notched out some chunks on a spool of thread to make a card holder)

The rivets on the side were also included with the Gauche Alchemy Mixed Media Kit
See the fun paper?
The stamp is 100 Proof Press' Little Red Riding Hood

Riveting Riding Hood

I  enjoyed taking the time to play and create with the goodies from Gauche Alchemy.  And I'm pretty sure given the same box, on a different day, I would have created a completely different batch of crafts.  I do still have plenty of supplies from the kit, so maybe I'm come up with something else to share later on...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pep Boys...

Last week I was so busy with work ("the way of life") -  one of my jobs was to get a new Magnesium plate made and that means... new images are on the way!  I'll still have to make a matrix mat and test them out before they will be ready to sell - it's still kind of an exciting process for me. Luckily I  found a bit a time to create this weekend.  I was going to get back into sewing, but I cut out the pieces for an owl quilt and got a little frustrated, might go back to it later... but in the mean time I did some stamping.
"The Way of Life":  this has been a reoccurring theme and saying in my life the past two years.  It kind of started as a joke, but now it's real.  My sister was stamping something and she wanted to add some words to something and the shape of "the way of life" stamp was perfect.  We started just throwing the saying around in odd, but made sense to us situations. It just kind of sunk in - "the way of life."
ATCs pep boys on a brown paper bag

A pep boy card, couldn't think of a good phrase for it - I suppose "The Way of Life" would have worked
This was the final piece sticking with the pep boys on a brown paper  bag theme.  I think the spool paper adds a playfulness and color.  And that is how you use, "the way of life" rubber stamp.  Ha!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have you filled a bucket today?

My oldest daughter is now in the second grade, and there's all this talk about "bucket filling."  You can either fill someone's bucket by making them happy or you can  be a dipper.  The idea behind celebrating the kindnesses (bucket filling) is to bring awareness to how each of us as an individual has an impact on those around us.  Her teacher is encouraging the class to pay attention to how their words and actions can either make someone else happy or sad.
pail (bucket) stamp - 100 proof press
This is a card I made for my daughter - a quick little bucket-filler to stick in her backpack.  I'm actually quite pleased that there is a focus like this, an attempt to teach students to be kind and respectful to one another, in the school. It's nice to hear about the whole class all working together to create a more positive environment.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

100 Proof Press Blog Hop!

Hi there!  In efforts to help get folks jazzed about the new site, 100 Proof Press is having its' first ever blog hop.  So here we go... your last stop should have been over on Gladys' blog.  If you've just happened to stumble upon this post and want to find the full list of hop and how to participate keep on reading - I'll tell you where to go and how you can enter to win a prize.

I'm kind of have a pink and green thing going on right now.  And I have always loved the image of the giant cicada, and while their time has come and gone for the year, I'll have one hanging around my craft room a bit longer.

stamps used:  Luna Moth, Giant Cicada, Measurement Bars
I showed this piece to my husband after I finished it.  He could tell I was excited, but I could tell he didn't get it.  Honestly, neither do I, but it sure does feel good to create!  That's right, I spent quite a few hours making this here wall hanging, and I like it.
It's a wall hanging!
Ok so on with the hop... next you should skip on over to Alexa's blog where I'm sure you'll find some artsy-craftsy inspiration. Don't forget to comment on each crafters' blog in order to be entered for the $30 gift certificate to the 100 Proof Press online shop!

Here's the official link on the 100 Proof Press blog with all the details and the order for the entire hop - you won't want to miss out on the projects from the rest of the design team.

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you enjoy the rest of the hoppity hop hop!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Miss You Card

My little sister turned 30 last week, and don't even remember the last time I saw her on her birthday. She lives far far away in Alaska - so you'll be seeing a lot of "miss you" themed cards here on my blog.  This a sweet little card I made with a cute new Dantia stamp.  I've been saving that adorable woodland forest paper for sometime now, and I felt like this was just the time to use it.
miss with the Little Squirrel Girl from 100 Proof Press
Now it's time for me to work on a few more minor details for the 100 Proof Press blog hop, and then start brainstorming what it is that I will stamp up for my stop on the hop.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Trick... or Treat Stamp

Yep, it's here, the end of August.  Kids are back at school, I'm back at work with the little ones.  But before the summer came to an end I did have a chance to make a few new images for 100 Proof Press.  I also had thought I would be the first to actually make something with them - but as soon as they were listed for sale on the site, they sold!
What's that?  You like that owl in the tree made with repurposed lawn mower blades?  Me too!

So I quick like inked this bad boy up and made a spooky card with the new trick or treat parade stamp.  I also used our moon and some stars. Well, that's all the time I have for no, but I plan on doing some more stampin' soon!
Love the moon!
Right now we are planning a 100 Proof Press blog hop, so I'm trying to think of a fun project for that...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Long Time, No Blog...

Seriously, was I gone that long?  It took me a good 5 minutes how to figure out how to do a "new post" since I missed this Blogger update thang.  So, I've been working hard at the stamp biz.  We are working on a new website.  Who know when they said it would take 6 weeks they meant 7 months!  Oh well - "The Way of Life."
I have had a few projects ready to share for sometime.  I while back we did a stamp show in Indiana, and we were right next to Coffee Break Designs.  Oh man - so much to love there.  They have a lot of supplies to make altered art.  I picked up this little mini-box shrine thing.  I wasn't sure what I was going to put in it, but after playing around a bit, I made this little piece.

Pinwheel and Papa Joe
there is no significance to the 4 - i just liked the shape
a long time ago my sister bought an antique Valentine, I cut it up for this
So, there's a little something for the blog.  I have some more to come.  I also had a few reasons to design some new owls.  I'll share those later.  Now, go make some art!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Something a little extra

I love custom orders.  When time and inspiration allows, I will usually make something a little extra for my customers with custom requests.  And my last order for a honey bee journal really got my creative juices flowing.  I made a set of matching cards to go with the journal.  I was so excited to find a stamp that matched the fabric perfectly!  Here's one of the cards a made.  Turns out, I really do love this honey bee hive stamp!
the lil' extra something to go in the package...
Now I'm back to making stamps, busy as a bee... but I'll get back to my sewing machine soon, I have an idea for an apron.  Buzzzzzz......

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Ok, so next weekend we have a rubber stamp convention in Columbus, Ohio, and this go-around 100 Proof Press signed up to do a make and take.  Which means my sister and I had to get creative using our stamps to make some fun tags for customer to make in 15 minutes.  Here's what we came up with...
Tags for Make and Take
We think it will be fun for stampers to sit down and enjoy using the images - just so they can see with their own eyes what great detail our stamps have.   We have so many stamps to choose from it was kind of a hard task narrowing down the images to use.  But here's the final four...
Bathing Beauties, Sharp Owl, Cameras and Kid Parade on Beach
I really hope the show-goers feel like stopping by to "Press it Out" with us.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buzz Buzz - Custom Order

Woo!  Finally posted up some new things in my Etsy shop.  And I got a custom order.  I love working on custom orders.  It usually sparks up new ideas for me.  This is a quilted journal cover I made for a customer.  I love the fabric she chose.  And guess what - we even make a rubber stamp that matches the hive on the fabric.  How serendipitous!
Custom Journal Cover

The Stamp!  I get a kick out of things like this!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sharing a bit of my Art Journal...

I started an art journal a few years ago.  However, it has not served the purpose of what I thought it was going to have.  I thought it was going to be place where I would brain-storm and create very haphazardly,  But instead I've found myself fussing over each page.  I even use a different journal to sketch out ideas for this so-called art journal.  Sometimes I do take an idea from my art journal and turn it into a more major project, but most of the time the idea just stays in there.
cover of my "art journal"
I've also found it curious, that when I do take a page from the journal and try to turn it into a better-crafted piece of art, it never keeps the same feeling that I found in creating the original layout.
the diagrammed head
I was messing around with whatever I could find on my table, and this is what the end result was.  Just a two page thing.  I actually cut up an older piece with the photo of my great-aunt, and then finally dove into a watch-piece collection my sister gave me (jackpot!).

Left side....
Right side. . .

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is the card I made for my Valentine.  Little steampunky, little lovey.  I've had way too long of a break from my craft room.  But it's fun to create for Valentine's Day!
V-day card.
I actually got on a bit of a roll, and have other projects ready to share!  I am even toying with the idea of auditioning for a design team....

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Working On New Images for 100 Proof Press

So, I've been trying to catch up after the holidays.  And I must admit blogging if one of the first things  I ignore on my to-do list - a long with cleaning up the craft room.  But, at least I've been a bit productive for the stamp company.  I have been playing around with some new images, trying them out, seeing if they are good enough to include in the catalog.  I have fallen in love with this little owl girl.
I tried to make a Valentine with her.  I just think she's so cute and unique.  Soon I'm going to have to help my little ones make 50 or so Valentines for their classes.  Wonder what images they will choose.  . .