Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pep Boys...

Last week I was so busy with work ("the way of life") -  one of my jobs was to get a new Magnesium plate made and that means... new images are on the way!  I'll still have to make a matrix mat and test them out before they will be ready to sell - it's still kind of an exciting process for me. Luckily I  found a bit a time to create this weekend.  I was going to get back into sewing, but I cut out the pieces for an owl quilt and got a little frustrated, might go back to it later... but in the mean time I did some stamping.
"The Way of Life":  this has been a reoccurring theme and saying in my life the past two years.  It kind of started as a joke, but now it's real.  My sister was stamping something and she wanted to add some words to something and the shape of "the way of life" stamp was perfect.  We started just throwing the saying around in odd, but made sense to us situations. It just kind of sunk in - "the way of life."
ATCs pep boys on a brown paper bag

A pep boy card, couldn't think of a good phrase for it - I suppose "The Way of Life" would have worked
This was the final piece sticking with the pep boys on a brown paper  bag theme.  I think the spool paper adds a playfulness and color.  And that is how you use, "the way of life" rubber stamp.  Ha!

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Anne Cave said...

LOVE the torn brown paper! Your work is adorable!