Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Mini-Guest Designer...

I've been waiting for some time for this - my kids are old enough to sew.  My very first owl I made was designed while sitting and drawing with my daughter, how many years ago.  She loves to draw and has now taken her  pencil and paper designs to the sewing machine.  And upon finishing she said "I didn't know sewing was so easy!"

This was the first one she made.  She named it "Peanut" do to it looking more like a peanut than an owl.
Then she was anxious to work up another design. So she made two more owls, that looked less like peanuts.  It was all a very fun thing for me to watch unravel.


Hoot Hoot!

Then I got back into some owl-making myself.  I made up a new pattern.  I've been told they look evil and disgruntled, but I made them with love.  They have uplifting sentiments on them, and they are a lot of fun to make - truly one of a kind.
The one of the left is mine, and will keep me company in the craft room.
But I have made other for the owl/artists that are out there, and they are in my Etsy shop now.

I also made a fresh batch of old style owls too.  Even two new tree toppers!  I guess my daughter gave me the sewing bug.  I also did a bit of stamping too... that will be the next post.