Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bloom 100 Proof Press Stamp Challenge

I've been trying to hold a Facebook contest every other month for 100 Proof Press.  I'd like to think that slowly but surely I'll get more and more participants.  Right now the theme is "Bloom."  I made a quick card following the same idea as the last one.  I love the sprout stamp, and I think the green looks nice with the pink flowers.

I'm not so crazy about the "LOVE" there, but I feel like it was needed.  I again used the idea of taking photos as it progresses, so the second card  is the final card - I went back at outlined the heart a little bit.  And I think I like the final one better....  If you happen to stamp, and have some 100 Proof Press Stamps, you should stamp something blooming and share it on the Facebook page!  Have a happy day... SPRING is here tomorrow!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bird Party - WISH

I feel like sometimes when I'm working on something, it looks, OK but then the next thing you know I take it a step too far.  Like I'll have a collage arranged in a way I kind of like, but then I go and find something else, stick it on the project and well, kind of ruin it.  So I've devised a plan (we'll see how long I keep up with it) to  take a photograph at the different steps, that way at least I have a version I'm OK with to share.  I made a simple card  but, then couldn't decide if it needed a sentiment, or more color... so here's three versions of the card.  I actually think I like the end result best - that usually doesn't happen.  What do you think?
card with  verbena flower stamp and bird party stamp

card with verbena flower stamp, bird party stamp, and WISH stamp
card with verbena flower head, bird party stamp, WISH stamp, and me going around the heart with more ink
So we'll see. Yeah, the final product is the one that has grown on me.