Sunday, December 19, 2010

Artful Rustic Owls by Teri

I was doing some Etsy shopping, and I came across this shop, terraworks'.   I was drawn to the artistry and whimsy of Teri's handbuilt clay art.  And then I bumped into two artful owls, and thought they would fit in perfectly on my Etsy tree.
Artful Owls by terraworks

These bird sculptures are one of a kind pieces of art.  And I just love that awesome espresso cup.  I'm sure just drinking out of it will give you creative powers! Her work is so unique and creative stop by terraworks and take a peek.  

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mushroom House Ornament by iktomi

I just could not resist this mushroom house ornament.  I have had pieces of work by iktomi in my list of favorites for a long time.  Her hedgehogs are front page famous, and oh so adorable.  And now I own my own little piece of art from iktomi's world for my Etsy tree.
Mushroom House Ornament by iktomi

If you visit iktomi on Etsy, you'll be sure to find a one of a kind piece of hand-sculpted art that speaks to you.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pipodoll Owls for my Etsy Tree

I love owls, and I knew if I wanted to I could fill my Etsy tree with a collection of handmade owl ornaments. So, I made a conscience decision to go beyond the owls of Etsy.  But then, I came across Pipodoll's shop and  I fell in love with her owl ornaments.  So as my collection stands, I have three owls, and one pink angel.
Set of Two Owl Ornaments by Pipodoll

Stop by Pipodoll's shop and wonder down a path of imagination.  She has greeting cards, art prints, original art, and plush gnomes and matryoshkas.

These origami lights perfect for the creative spirit!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Angel In Pink by Flor for my Tree

It's one thing to see art on your computer screen, but it's a totally different experience getting to open up a package with a unique one of a kind piece with your name on it.  I ordered a pink angel for my Etsy tree from Flor Larios.  I love the colors and the energy you see in Flor's work.    I always enjoy stopping by her shop and admiring her art.  I  fell in love with her Madonnas but when I saw the pink angel ornament, my Etsy ornament collection grew.
Second Ornament - Pink Angel by Flor

Some more pieces of from Flor Larios' Etsy shop that I love.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Trimming My Etsy Tree

This year I started collecting unique handmade ornaments from various artists on Etsy.  This owl ornament by Misspottery is the first one that arrived.  I love it!  There is so much texture and spunk in this little guy.  Misspottery's shop houses wonderful pieces of art that incorporate texture, color, playfulness, and functionality.
My first ornament for my etsy tree -  an owl from Misspottery
Her shipping was super quick, so if you're still looking for a special handmade Holiday gift, you have time.  She offers a variety of pieces: jewelry, dishes, teapots, plates, ornaments. . . 
Misspottery on Etsy