Friday, January 28, 2011

A Fabric Heart Garland

While I was crusin' the web I found this wonderful tutorial for a fabric heart garland over on How About Orange.  As soon as I saw the garland I knew it was just the project for my red Valentine fabric, and naptime.  So I quick-like got some cute fabrics together, cut out some hearts, mixed some water with glue and made this festive decoration.
Cute lil' girlie heart.
This project was very statisfying: it's cute, 
simple, and a productive way to spend
nap time (right?).  I did not have
any fabric stiffener on hand so I mixed
glue and water, and it seemed to work fine.
I also think this project would be fun with
paper too.
Hearts on the table.

Me, *patiently* waiting for the hearts to dry.

My sister got me this fabric, so cute!

The hearts strung.  I think it would have been cute to string them together using baker's twine.  Alas, I had none.
I am still in shock that I actually made something with the red fabric, BEFORE February.  I might need to make more hearts. . . 


Anne said...

soooo cute! I hope I have time to make some before Vday. lol

Catherine said...

That is adorable!

Amanda said...

Beautiful! Such a great idea TFS!

Maria Hegedus said...

Fantastic! I want to make one!!!

Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

You should make one. It was fun!

C said...

Beautifully done! Love the layered hearts.