Friday, January 21, 2011

WINTER - A Fabric Art Book

I have kind of lost my time to create for now, but I wanted to share this fabric art book I made 5 years ago while I was pregnant and on bedrest , trying to pass the time.  I used one of my favorite 100 Proof Press rubber stamp images for the cover.  Little did I know five years later, I would be a mother of four, a sewing fool, and the owner of 100 Proof Press.  Life is busy.

Since I was not allowed to get up, my
lovely sisters fetched my supplies for me.
I included some Turkish worry beads and a watch face.
Seemed appropriate at the time.

The Beetles.  It was alright.

I used 3 buttons from a glove from my husband's grandmother's
wedding dress along with the words of Rumi.
This Winter we are not waiting around for a baby.
We are making the rubber stamps.

Wonder what I'll be doing five years from now . . .

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Jingle said...

This is seriously awesome!