Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Raven Parade Pocket (aka altered art skirt)

My sister and I have been making and selling a lot of the new large raven stamp, and we decided we'd run home and get crafty with it.  She happened to have enough pink linen to make a simple skirt, and I made a pocket with the raven stamp, and in no time she was ready for the Pony Wagon Parade.  (The Pony Wagon Parade is the parade that celebrates the Pony Wagon Festival in our little Ohio town.)
The top stamp is the "Nevermore " stamp and the bottom is the large raven.  Both were stamped with Black StAzon.  I stitched around the crow and added some buttons...
So we watched for the little soccer players in the parade to pass as my sister and son  filled up the pocket up with candy.. SO MUCH CANDY!

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