Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Owl Wall Art - Baby Name Sign

I finally got around to making something for my little one. Her older sister helped me choose the fabric for the little owls. It is from Heather Ross's Mendocino line - great taste, right? I also made Hazel her own little owl. Here's a photo of the crazy baby hanging out in her crib.

I had been wanting to make Hazel her own owl mobile for awhile because every time I make one she gets so excited looking at it. I had fun personalizing the tiny little owls just for her - plus this way she will get to keep it! She may never get a quilt, but she will have baby owls spelling her name. Ok, maybe ONE DAY she will get a quilt.


What I Did Today said...

Oh my goodness! Not sure how I bumped into your blog, but so glad I did! What a SWEET idea! It looks great!

Midnight Creations said...

How cute, you should make a big 'ol matching pillow for here too.

I recently made an owl door stopper for my little ones room, just need more rice to stuff in it and then I should post about it.

Owls are fun to make so many things to create.

gretchenmist said...

cute all round! love her hair :)

thanks for your visit and comment.

Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

Thank you!
And I can't stop loving owl things. A pillow would be sweet.

Thank gretchenmist - I love her crazy baby hair too. It's amazing what a little humidity can do!