Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 28 of 31 Days of Halloween

I used to make "art dolls" all the time, and well, now I have ZERO time for that.  I knew one of the creations I wanted to do for this Wicked Blog hop was an art doll (with the body of Halloween candy of course).  This was fun to make,  even though I got pretty frustrated with the results, I enjoyed myself.

The Sugar Bat Fairy

Here she is - very difficult for me to photograph.

She dropped her wand during the photo shoot and my patience were gone so I did not try to reattach it (also it disappeared - I looked for it and I could not find it?!!).

the body is a fun-sized 3 musketeers (don't like them, they were in the Halloween candy stash, better for crafting than eating), the crown is from the trash from that candy bar, her wings are from a bat stamp, the head is just a doll head I've had rolling around my craft table, I stole the charm for her necklace from my daughter, her skirt is made from leftover tulle from my little one's costume along with stamped mini-skeletons, her legs are ribbon, and feet razor blades (don't they look like pointe shoes?)

So yeah - I made a doll out of trash and candy.  Is that art?  Hmm ?!? 

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Sugar Bat Fairy.
Only THREE more creations to go...


Carol said...

AWESOME - she is delicious xx

DonnaMundinger said...

WOW! Super creative! I hope you coated her body with something so she doesn't melt, or get eaten by nasties. Love every element, especially the "pointe shoes". I may be "borrowing this idea. Love, love, LOVE! xxD

valscraftings said...

Creative and unusual!

Sari / Granne said...

Gorgeous make, love the contrast of pure white head and the dark outfit, with dark details

Mary Holshouser said...

Sometimes inanimate objects will just not cooperate.
Got to see the wand before it disappeared.
Great contrast between the white angel head and the rest of the black
Love this
thanks for sharing

L J Dogsmom said...

A dollmaker told me just yesterday, those dolls have a mind of their own and a hand in their creation. I love how you pulled bits and bobs from here and there, everyone contributed!
I hit the dollar store after Halloween and buy all the body part shaped candies and tiny bones.
NOT for eating but for crafting.

Susan Renshaw said...

Love this sugar bat fairy! Every detail is just fabulous!

Sarah Bales Strom said...

Definitely art! Love the razor blade feet.

Tina henderson said...

Soooo cool, love her! X

Susan Salyer said...

she is wonderful sweet and tart hahahaha love it!

Leigh S-B - The Sharpie Domino Queen said...

Well she's just freaky faboolous! Love all the little details!